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This is an ambitious idea that incorporates a vision of a Dublin which wishes to make a statement about where it wants to be, and be seen to be, in the 21st century. It is certainly more Boston than Berlin but with a sprinkling of a SanFrancisco or a Sydney to try and raise the City profile even higher. The City and the Bay should complement each other and not turn their backs on each other as largely happens at present. The Loop Line bridge and the development of the Port of Dublin have effectively separated the City from the Bay for the last 200 years. While recent docklands developments have retaken possession of part of the Port, the Port itself is relentlessly expanding.
The Bay should return to being the lung of the City rather than the bladder.
Yes I know some of the images are crude and to many Planners the whole idea is presposterous. However, look what the island of Singapore has achieved in less than 40 years in an island state with no resources of its own. It can be done. It’s a question of belief!

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