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Dublin port will reach capacity by 2008. They will want to futher infil the area after that. I think the nation should take the brave and right decision to relocate the port out north of Dublin.

The NIMBY brigade will have a field day but at least the north dublin location can avail of the rail line that connects the whole east coast and should in theory reduce trucks on the road. This project is of national importance and a few hardliners shouldnt be allowed to stop the project.

It would mean a cleaner Dublin with hardly any trucks on the cities streets.

It would mean a major boost for the economy of Ireland and bring the house/apartment costs down in Dublin.

It would result in Dublin being a city of consequence.

It would relaunch the city as being a modern international one and the tall buildings would demonstrate a air of confidence about the nation. (i have always been a firm backer of high rises in Dublin and was just wondering where to put them).

The spin offs are endless. Fair enough the graphics need work but its a fantastic idea that captures the imagination of what the city could be like.

I just blame Brian Boru for kicking out all the northern europeans who had the genes to go ahead with projects like this (and other things like the tuskar tunnel). We will probably debate this issue for another decade before going ahead with it.

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