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This was (and is, despite some contextualising debate) about the PD’s proposal on Dublin port. I provided some thoughts on the attitude to infrastructural development in the Republic.

My point was the problem was related to the Irish pysche. We were a post conial nation and it took us a while to get going.

The billions upon billions we received from the EU (and still do!!!) does not qualify as help? As regards Northern Ireland, I ams till waiting to here how it affected the Republic’s economy. Ya, it may have detered some investment in the border counties, it may have cost the army, the guards, and the prison service some extra money, but we rae not talking about major amounts of the nation’s resources. You could cross the border at Blacklion during the height of the troubles and there would have been about 5 Irish soldiers and three gardai there at any one time. There was never a major secuirty operation of any prolonged duration that brought the Republic’s economy to the brink of collapse or anywhere near it.

The money we recieved from the EU will all be paid back, starting in the next few years. We recieved approximately €40bn for infastructure projects (which we spent far better and more efficeiently than anyone else) while at the same time we handed out €40bn in fisheries to Spain and the rest of them. We could have simply declared the waters as Irish and refused access.

The troubles in the north were effectively our cold war in the south. If the country started to move it would have been very destablising. A lot of people wanted a 32 county republic before progress began. Looking back at history in hindsight is a completely different angle than being there and your ignorance is astounding.

In short, ireland wasnt a nice place to live back then, we had massive emmigration, we had a society based on the catholic church which was rotten to the core and corrupt. We had high unemployment and little natural resources. There was no such thing as foreign direct investment. Up until recently the idea of a small country existing was highly questionable. Only large countries could exist. A point you dont even mention.

We were a country who faced 500 years of war, famine and other problem while the continental countries had 500 years of peace and stability (largely) and the nation state. To compare Ireland with a 500 year old nation state is a pathetic sham and your arguement is false.

I do not know how to respond to this. The British Government (not ‘the English’) probably resourced the building of NI’s motorwayS through British tax payers money (that would include taxes paid by workers in NI). What building company physically built the motorways, I do not know. I am sure though that a load of English workers did not pile into a ship to come to build it – local labourers probably contributed a great deal. I could be corrected on that if someone knows a great deal about the building of NI’s motorways.

English / British. Dont get pedantic. The fact of the matter is that the north could NOT sustain itself and all that money came from British tax payers in England and the north sea oil. The north did nothing for itself. Its still €8bn short each year today. A failed state. Actually building the motorways is nothing. All the expertise came from England and there is no skill in manual labour. That point is absolutely irrelevant

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anglo-saxon government in england. Time to do a bit of research on the cultural, ethnic and political history of our closest neighbour.

Go and do some research of your own and you will find out that although England is a mutli ethnic country. Those in power do not reflect this !!

! Words fail me. I think you are toothing the micky out of me now.

No Im not. You’ve lost the plot on your rant.

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