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Tuskar tunnel, Shannon deep port and HSR

At least they made some attempt to stetch cost v. benefits of moving Dublin port and present some numbers for debate.

The Tuskar tunnel is an undergraduate civil engineer’s fantasy which simply could never be justified. Comparisons with the Channel Tunnel are not just naive – they make no sense at all. The latter connects two of the most populous countries in Europe and links, in a direct way, two metropolitan areas each populated by about 14 million people – and thats ignoring the other mainland destinations like Brussels. It makes about as much sense as the campaign by the 46 inhabitants of Inis Biggle for a cable car connection to Achill Island.

Neither does building TGV make any economic sense – we simply do not have the population concentrations in this country to make such a service viable. Maybe in 40 years time when the population of Dublin within the M50 is 4 million and that of Cork is 2, it might make economic sense to consider such a line. Given the real problems this country has regarding infrastructure in general, these fantasy proposals obfuscate the real issues in my opinion.

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