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infastructure is not the real issue.

The real issue Is to do with the national charachter and national pyhce. We changed a great deal in the early 1990’s and trying to compare Pre 1990’s with Post 1990’s is not valid.

Pre 1990’s we had a large number of issues to sort out. We werent helped by anyone really and had one hand tied behind our back with emmigration and the north.

You have a selective memory of history. The english built that motorway in the north. Not anyone from northern ireland. So they didnt make any progress themselves. They never progressed an inch.

The north got on so well because the anglo saxon government in england decided to pump the north with millions and millions to try and show up the new state in the south. they ridculed anything related to Ireland. Be it the name “Eire” (which we cant use anymore because of all the baggage associcated with it) or the punt which the english regularly tooth the mick out of.

You need a reality check PDLL, some parts of your posts are a nonsense.

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