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I think were somewhere in the middle. Yes after 1922 we didn’t do a whole pile and struggled for many decades but we had an awful lot of things to sort out.

We weren’t getting the full island which a major psychological barrier to get over.

We were a post colonial nation who had to start from scratch. It takes a long time for a nation to build up expertise itself in all areas that it’s involved in.

There were other factors; Britain and Ireland were not at ease with the separation and the trade war didn’t help things. Neither did the civil war for that matter.

Throw in more instability during the Second World War and missing out on the Marshall plan afterwards and then political and social upheaval in the north during the 60’s which destabilized the island.

On top of all that you had huge emigration where the best of your population got up and left. Considering all that you have a nation which did alright.

We did miss manage the economy for decades and it took us a long time to get it right (and plan a year ahead like the Americans were doing for years and years).

I don’t know how any of this is particularly relevant to relocating the Dublin Port. The only points which I have are

The individual has too many rights in Irish law and the collective good of the nation doesn’t supercede the individual enough.

Brian Boru kicked out all the Vikings back in the 11th century and we haven’t been able to plan anything since. However I think we have learnt a great deal in the last decade and we can achieve world class infrastructure if we put our minds to it and adopt best international practice and a can do approach.

Personally I would like to see the Critical Infrastructure Bill being put through the D

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