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@Morlan wrote:

It’s NOT feasible.

About 40% of Helsinki Port is open space for 40ft containers. The rest is taken up with large factories and warehouses. Relocating these facilities wouldn’t be all that difficult.

Dublin port is a different story. A lot of the port has discharging facilities for oil, chemicals and petroleum with an intricate network of pipe lines. There’s also a slight matter of a large power plant and Dublin’s state-of-the-art sewage plant. There’s is no way these could be relocated. The costs of relocating these facilities would be astronomical.

Also bear in mind that the Dublin Port Company is in the planning stages of reclaiming 21 hectares of land in order to expand the port.

Progressive Democrats – nice try, but no cigar.

The cost of relocation would be high YES but the benefits would be also ASTRONOMICAL. A proper evaluation of relocating the port should be undertaken by a professional body or some committe.

They are about to apply for more space for the port but that doesnt mean it should be given the green light. They can say no and start to move certain parts out of the port.

Anything is possible providing there is the political will

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