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Not an answer but a possible guess to the Phoenix Park question.

The pattern suggests a military origin, possible former trench works. The Park was most likely used for military training during WWI, when practice trenches might have been constructed and I believe was also used by the very limited anti-aircraft gun defence for Dublin in the Emergency, aka WW II. Of course the Park was also used for storing turf at that time, but the photo I have seen suggests the turf was clustered along the main road, so that is not a likely connection.

As for too many Parks we have too many ill maintained Parks with few facilities, and with facilities expensively built not kept up. If you want to see how small parks are properly used then Singapore is the place to go. We do have too many pointless green spaces left around housing development in an arbitrary way, most often public housing. These are neither country, nor park being only used by grazing horses and cider parties, but which still fall to be mown at public expense.

PS Kids never seem to play outdoors anymore on public space, unless in an organised game. Casual play is gone.

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