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Thanks Stephen. I had a link saved in work to the consultation phase, but when I tried it this morning the link was dead. The link you posted would seem to be the result of that process. Time for a detailed look, methinks.

Looking at your photo again, I see a bus stop in the distance, but I swear I didn’t (couldn’t) see it last night!

@gunter wrote:

I like that raised junction idea as an alternative to dishing, both for the slight traffic taming properties and because, sometimes, too much dishing in tight locations can present it’s own hazard to the sight impaired, an area I’m a bit familiar with.

That’s it exactly, but not only for the visually impaired. As someone who has had lumbar neuro-surgery in recent years, I can attest to the problems of walking on footpaths that slope across the line of movement. When doctor’s orders dictate walking on an even surface, a lateral slope of just a couple of degrees can be quite a significant deviation.

Anyway, this isn’t a blog, so I’ll keep the personal sob stories for my Live Journal. 😉

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