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That doesn’t look like Dublin. London, perhaps?

As far as I recall, there was a bit of a drive a few years ago – late 1990s or so – to dish kerbs in the city, but it was never a comprehensive programme. And you’re spot on, CTR, re Temple Bar. I cycle through on the cobbles most days (to avoid the glut of traffic lights on Westmoreland Street / O’Connell Bridge- it can take 10 minutes to get from Grafton St to O’Connell St that way) and they’re terrible for riding (cheaply relaid during the ‘improvement’ works- Devin posted on the subject here), but I can only imagine what they’re like in a chair. And the footpaths are often so narrow you’ve no choice except the roadway.

What would be your preference- dished kerbs or raised platforms across junction mouths? I like the latter as they visibly prioritise pedestrian movement over turning cars. Obviously they’re not appropriate at every junction, but they’d work at more than you might think. So it inconveniences cars in the city centre? Boo hoo. They’ll get over it. And every driver is a footpath user at some stage. These are streets, not roads.

Also, I think DCC is currently preparing a policy or strategy (or ‘discussion document’ :rolleyes:) on pedestrians and accessibility in the city centre. If I can find the details tomorrow, I’ll post them up.

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