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Hi dodger,

Many of the old favourites cropping up there 🙂

Though some I’d question – notably the inclusion of Connolly Station as one of the worthy contributions. Certainly it’s an improvement on the dingy shed that used to masquerade as an international railway station, but the idea that what has replaced it has been one of the best contributions to the capital in the past decade is ever so slightly way off the scale…:). If that’s the best we can come up with… 😮

Do you proposed lifting the Pro-Cathedral, portico and all with Herself clinging on for dear life on top to O’Connell St, or a new building? Certainly an interesting concept…

And as for applying the demolition ball to Grafton St, s sur surely you don’t mean our much loved ship-on-the-corner??! No not the Mississippi steamer across the way, but the corner newsagents??

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