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Hi there, I’m new to this site but i’d suggest perhaps the following to improve Dublin (of which i am very fond!)-

buildings that must go –

Hawkins street house, Screen College Green, apollo house and liberty hall – The ugliest few acres in the country
O’Connell Bridge House
Loop line bridge

buildings that should go –
BHS O’Connell Street
the horrific glass section of arnotts Henry Street
monstrosity on top of grafton street (no not the Shopping centre but the newsagent)
Canada House stephen’s green – it would be wonderful to see a walkway through here to the underutilised iveagh gardens

Advertising to be removed –
Loop line bridge hoardings
Baileys and Irish permanent on O’Connell bridge

Pedestrianise –
College Green / Dame street / North quays (this’ll never happen but one can dream)

Move –
The procathedral onto O’Connell street – the derelict Carlton site

Best things to happen to Dublin last 10 years –

millennium bridge and new docklands bridge
screen o’connell bridge is forever gone.
connolly station
collins barracks

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