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@Thomond Park wrote:

I don’t go with Baggot St and Stephens Green was planning of the worst order as these areas have always been very much prime, you wouldn’t expect the Bank of Ireland to locate its HQ just anywhere. This runs entirely contrary to urban economic theory which suggests that slightly sub-prime areas should have been developed as a spillover to functioning districts in boom times.

But saying that – if Baggot Street was still intact, would you be in favour of the houses’ demoltion if the BoI was proposed today? There’d be feckin uproar! Likewise with Burlington Road.
Or what about Morehampton Road or Northumberland Road so close to the CBD – would you be in favour of their total redevelopment today?

St. Stephen’s Green south-east could probably have done with the ‘reconditioning’ though considering the apparently insignificant jumble of buildings on that corner.

Where is Capel Building?

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