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I see where you are going with Burlington Road and I would add the old RDS Cattle grounds now the AIB Bankcentre to that as being prime examples of good planning. I differ with Frank McDonald on Burlington Road no City can be sustainable with gardens that size so close to the centre of the Office district.

I don’t go with Baggot St and Stephens Green was planning of the worst order as these areas have always been very much prime, you wouldn’t expect the Bank of Ireland to locate its HQ just anywhere. This runs entirely contrary to urban economic theory which suggests that slightly sub-prime areas should have been developed as a spillover to functioning districts in boom times.

The best example of this is the Taunusanlage district of Frankfurt that was a genuine urban renewal project, it features cutting edge architecture from the 1960’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and early this decade. It was entirely outside the existing office district but became one of the leading financial districts in Europe. Most of the correct places for development were overlooked for 30 years and areas such as Burlington Road, Ballsbridge, IFSC, Barrow St and Grand Canal Quay only started perform in to the 1990’s and the latest Docklands stuff going up is low on height and downright bland in some cases. For me the best commercial buildings in Dublin post 1960 are still phase 1 of the IFSC or Central Bank how sad is that?

Whats sums it all up for me is Clanwilliam Square that was developed in the late 1980’s at two storeys when the site could have accomodated 7-8 storeys comfortably.

Going forward planning has to be monitored as closely as ever there are the fridges on Grattan Bridge there is also the vastly overscaled Capel Building which is an ugly lump in my opinion and was only successful becuase it had capital allowances. There was also a near miss with The Gaiety Centre and the recent loss of the Ormond Hotel.

Times haven’t changed as much as some people think.

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