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@GrahamH wrote:

What a mess: even after all the controversy over Robocop and the sterile square they still can’t get it right. And the place isn’t even finished yet either – the railings are still there shielding the sticks that were planted ages ago.

Nice photos GrahamH – As if the new building wasn’t bad enough, it’s poor design is complimented with egually poor ‘landscaping’.
The attempt at a tree lined avenue leading up to the rear entrance flight of steps flies in the face of aescetic values. A child with a decent range of lego pieces could make more of this space.
What’s missing?
1. A decent bench with back support. I suppose the idea with the square blocks is that if enough people sit on them and all lean back at the same time they can use each other for support!
2. A focal point of interest – the central area here has been dedicated to spotted ‘seats’ and wedding cake planters. There could have been a central feature of interest around which the seats etc could have been arranged.
3. An ashtray stand for those who have the consideration to use them – there should be one there at least
4. Materials used should suggest a welcome atmosphere not cold bare industrial sanitised hardness on the eye.
5. An overall shape which dictates the placement of individual elements – the seats are in a square matrix pattern yet the planters are randomly placed out of sync making it look disorderly overall.

Also, the area between the seats and the wall to the right (incl. the tree lined avenue) space has been wasted here. More mature trees should have been introduced and dotted over the entire public area not kept to the back in a cluster

As for bins……….
The capacity of the new bin is quite small compared to the old large black type – One larger is better than 3 smaller, it’s unecessary triple maintenance and further clutter of our fine hand crafted flagstoned streets. The damage done to the granite in introducing these grey daleks is irreversible and criminal.

Further, these flagstones should be worthy of protected structure status – which would in theory then require a planning application to carry out work on them. Then at least the public could participate in the decision making process!

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