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What a shame – they sound most interesting publicrealm.

Curiously, around the corner the setts outside City Hall/Castle gate are also being relaid now, over a month after they were first dug up. Why the delay? And why the questionable manner of relaying?

As can be seen from before, the whole roadway leading up to the gate is laid with typically dodgy widely-spaced setts, instead of attractively (and more comfortably for both pedestrian and driver) knitted tightly together. While not a major breach – heck we’re lucky to have setts here at all – it nonetheless demonstrates the usual lack of attention to detail and appreciation of a traditional craft, as per granite paving pointing and bollardism. Many of the gaps are also just filled with rough dirt, poured tar and concrete. Indeed the sham of these setts is also shown by the fact of their termination in a ridiculous straight line at the top of the hill along the edge of the Castle entrance – they don’t even continue into Castle Street to give a bit of visual breathing space. It’s embarrassingly cheap, half-hearted and visually incoherent.

Cork Hill really has been fecked over in the past five years, and all details – from pavements, to roadway surface, to yellow lines, to lampposts, to bollards – now need attention. The fact that it’s all on the doorstep of City Hall says it all really. And seperately, the Castle gate piers have also sadly lost their lamps in the past few years; they nicely terminated the vista up the hill and created something of a dramatic entrance.

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