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Aside from a few glitches such as the bollards issue and the running short of some granite, the standard of work to the historic paving in the City Architect’s Department new Dame Street plaza project was good, and stands in contrast to an earlier project of theirs next door – the millennium restoration of City Hall.

Hmmm I certainly dont feel happy about any aspect of the plaza and pavemnet works around this new building. 😡 Leaving aside the building itself I think the works that have been undertaken show a staggering lack of thought and design. Firstly mixing the orignal paving with a newer type looks like a dogs dinner. A similar compalint is made today on Archiseek about Hernietta Street. Why not either one or the other! And the fixtures and fitting are so bland and utilitarian – nondescript grates and bollards – what ever happened to beauty! I would also be highly critical of the way the plaza is laid out. for example why wasnt Palace Street repaved to provide a shared surface for predestrains and allow for an imporved entrance in to the Castle. This is after all the MAIN ENTRANCE! into Dublin Castle. And why are cars allowed part here. A similar decision was taken on the other side between the ‘plaza’ and City Hall. Why not completely pave this area in a unified and coherent way? I would also question the lighting and the lack of greenery. In fact the only token sob to greenery are the 4 sapling at the back to the square…surely these days we can plant semi-mature trees that at least have a presence from the beginning rather than in 20 years time!

Its a complete waste and getting the joining between some paving salbs right does nothing to redeem it in my mind.

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