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There’s already a history with that job at the side of City Hall. First, the services door they were installing was laid crooked.

Following a complaint, it was straightened.

And now, the final insult: poor finishing.

I’m just reading a report at the moment by the firm Caroe & Partners in connection with ongoing conservation works at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It says:


2.2.1 The building is of historic and architectural importance and it is essential that this building be handed down intact to future generations. This means that preservation is the main object of the work; every effort must be made to preserve the original fabric, and only in circumstances where this is impossible will new work be allowed. Any new work has to be in character with the old, and this eliminates many modern methods of construction. The work will differ from the normal run of things in that it will have to last for centuries to come, to bear the criticism of future generations and to stand side by side with the loving craftsmanship of the existing building.

2.2.2 In repairing an ancient building, the skill of the workmen is of the utmost importance. The men employed should have a true instinct for the right treatment of materials and it is important that they should be told of the need for preservation whenever possible.

You wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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