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thebig C

I see your point exene, and would add that had such a structure been built given the peripheral locale it would most likely have stood empty for years.

Having said that, this whole Noth West corner of the City is so appaling from every aspect that literally anything could potentially be an improvement. From a historic point of view, what remains of the original fabric of the area is either gone or mauled almost beyond recognition. Likewise, in contrast to the above proposal, speculative developments in the nineties and noughties (mostly by the bottom feeders of the construction fraternity) have been unambitious pastiche of the worst kind. Likewise, the City Councils attempts at renewal have mostly involved building suburban scale houses resulting in a loss of urban character.

Still, DCC clearly aren’t too far out of step as ABP and An Taisce would rather bury their heads in the sand and protect non-existent fabric and protect vistas (of what exactly) to further rob the general area of investment.


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