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Two recent articles suggesting something positive may be happening with this site have been disappointing.The articles suggested that November would see some opening to the public. I visited this area yesterday to see it remains an area of neglect. The area is heaviliy littered and would take some serious development for revival. Its a shame because the Victorian Market building holds so much potential. In a visit to Stockholm last year i visited a city market housed in a building of similar stature and was completely blown away by how fantastic it was. The place was packed with swedish artisan food producers and was very atmospheric with diners and shoppers.
Sometimes I am amazed with what we didnt do during the boom and lament about what could have been achieved.To see a building like this stacked with pallets of fruit and veg is a terrible misuse of this building.A redevelopment of this building by DCC could kick start something for this area.Temple bar in the 70s was like this area and is proof that this area can be revived.
I d love to know where the Irish Times got their information for the latest development as there is no mention on Dublin City Council website regarding any progress for this building.

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