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johnglas, That fine, it’s just you worry me, that’s all I’m saying.

That space in front of the concert hall at the elbow of Suciehall st and Buchanin works as a space, surely, because the steps to the shopping centre function like an outdoor theater and the footfalls are huge, again because of the shopping centre.

If you can guarantee a constant supply of people and throw in a few steps you can probably make any urban space work.

The Fruit Market, like Smithfield, is going to have to face the challenge that, there isn’t really any reason to be there, unless they can make the spaces themselves, and the uses that are accommodated around it, attractive enough.

I just don’t think the architecture is right yet. I know we’re only judging it from one render (sorry photo-montage) but to me it’s just a coat of white paint away from being a dodgy hotel complex on the Costa Brava.

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