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@gunter wrote:

There is no way that this architecture does any justice to any of the these aspirations. If this was designed by three different architectural practices, why does it all look the same?

My guess is that Gehl Architects were brought in for the ground plan/movement/site analysis stuff, HKR for the ‘local knowledge’ aspect and Make for the ‘high profile name’ bit (is DCC turning into DDDA in allowing itself be seduced by starchitect factor?). Which doesn’t really answer your question.

I rather liked the previous proposal/visuals- was it Donnelly Turpin or someone like that? Floating around since ’03/’04. It had coherence (if a little flawed- the square was closed to the south, for example); this has monotony.

A gestation period like this says ‘This is the best we can get’. Saddening.

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