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I’m surpised nobody’s mentioned the ‘signature’ building at Mayor Square yet.

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Have to say I kinda like its expressive, sharp forms. The building in the distance looks like it has a digital audio meter on the roof 🙂

However so much of the same design across the board I suspect will either be dramatically effective or extremely tiresome. The same may also contribute to an atmosphere of a ‘designed’ 1980’s UK town centre regeneration, which is my greatest concern.

Still – we’re getting too much of a multi-faceted, softly softly approach of jumbling various buildings of late in major redevelopments. At least this has the guts to work with a singular concept in mind. Whether this concept is unduly monotonous, I haven’t quite decided. What I have decided is that ‘world class’ is not a term that immediately springs to mind.

The choice of brick is going to be crucial.

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