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Alek Smart

The figure that grabs me by the Short n Curlies is that 500 space underground/multi storey Car Park.
Now perhaps because I have misplaced my Pince-Nez but I cannot seem to find any mention of a Public transport quotient in this magnificent Grande-Vision for Nord-Ouest Dublin City…
Perhaps if the developers were to surrender ( 😮 ) 50 Car Spaces in favour of a small enclosed Bus Terminal or Interchange it might be interpreted as a Socially Beneficial gesture..??
Yet again it appears that Dublin City Council stands back and refuses to raise as much as an “Ahem!!” whilst scribblin the word BUS on the jotter in front of them….
Presently the area is like something from the “Living Dead” especially come evening time and the Luas has failed rather spectularly to inject a frisson of life into it.
Given that Transport 21 rather incredibly ignores Bus Travel as a viable adjunct to City Living perhaps Dublin Bus itself might get together with the Developers to see if there is a mutually beneficial package which could be assembled…?
It`s all very well getting rid of the Articulated Trucks,but what`s the benefit of replacing them with several hundred cars…even if they will be off-street and safe from the rioters…… 🙁

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