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I’m all for maintaining character, I just really don’t think there’s anything left here, aside from one or two buildings. Common sense says Ormond Square should be razed to the ground, and yet I suppose it’s quirky that something like that is at that location. However, I really do think this is an area that needs to be mostly razed and redesigned, including the rest of that two storey housing. Something doesn’t have to be old to have character, and as the photographs above demonstrate, something which is old doesn’t necessarily have character, or isn’t necessarily worthy of being saved. I’d be in favour of the council just publishing some firm guidelines on what can and can’t be built here, nothing below six storeys for example, and the threat of garroting should anybody complain about shadows, and letting private interests pour their money into the area. Because that’s the only way it’s getting better in our lifetimes, when even the main street going from Christ Church to the biggest tourist attraction in the country is an unspeakable kip after 20 years of a booming economy.

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