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Graham, when it comes to this cesspit of an area, anything is better than nothing. And, in fact, nothing would be better than what’s there – razing blocks to the ground and paving them with concrete would be better. There’s literally no way to salvage whatever character it once had – unless you’re going a sort of I don’t give a shit/halting site type of vibe. If vainly trying to restore character involves building more ugly two and three storey boxes clad in red brick – I’d rather take the “corporate” eight storey buildings that might actually bring more people to live in a derelict shithole which, being so central in our capital city, verges on a national embarrassment.

I think you are maybe a tad over critical of the area rumpelstilskin. Its certainly dismal but a ‘cesspit’ might be a bit strong. I agree that its streetscapes are grim and unrelenting…acres of tarmac and cement and not an ounce of quality in everything from lighting to a humble bench.

However, the area does have two attractive housing areas – Ormonde Sq and Church Street dwellings – albeit very suburban in nature. There’s a park – Halston Green and some fine buildings surrounding it – St Michan’s Catholic, the former Newgate and former Green Street courthouse. There’s a number of curiosities which Kevin alludes to above and there’s similar on Mary’s Abbey. Even within some of those dismal warehouses there are spaces which with imagination could be very interestingly reused…this is especially true of the warehouse at the end of Meetinghouse Lane and also accessed from Capel Street.

Undoubtedly the big boxes of Total and Ffyfes must go and there are a good many decrepit buildings that might be replaced a long Mary’s Lane and the block between it and Halston Street. River House on Chancery Street another big behemoth of nothing for the chop. Then comes to the former Fish Market site…now a car park, and proposed by Dublin City Council under the forthcoming Market Part VIII to be…. eh a surface car park. That is missed opportunity if ever.

Its grim – I dont doubt it. Its filthy and uncared for. Streets such as Greek Street are canyons of gloom. There’s not a tree in sight but rank after rank of poles and signage. But its not irredeemable and the essential fabric of the place can be captured in any new redevelopment, rather than completely lost in a sterile homogeneous development like that proposed in 2009. Actually getting back to the original 2005 vision might make good sense. A nice sense of urbanism to that I thought.

Dublin City Council is currently devising a 10-point plan for the area as part of the Public Realm Strategy and Brownfield Sites Initiative. Sticky plaster stuff.

It is however, an embarrassment that it has been allowed to descend to its present condition. And even the Council’s ‘stewardship’ of the Fruit & Veg Market Hall is derisory. Not that Council seemed at all to acknowledge at the recent seminar on same. But then, do they ever.

I certainly support more urgency to its rehabilitation….not a 2.5 year paint job of a roof!

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