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A most interesting area due to retaining its historic use. For sure, an assessment of the area is needed to determine what is of value. Example of some features here from that Little Britain Street area north of the main markets:

This corner building has a presence and is worth keeping in any future regeneration. It was the Little Green Gallery for a while.

A few doors away one & a bit storeys of an 18th century brick house survives. Nothing much maybe, but should at least be assessed.

Then an interesting little grouping of buildings here on Cuckoo Lane; a goods building with a crane hoist – once seen all over the city but now fairly rare – and a nice pedimented warehouse just out of view behind it.

And this doorway which faces St. Michan’s Park / playground needs to be investigated.

Anyway a fuller survey is needed.

That 2007 proposal posted earlier for Little Britain Street is spectacularly non-contextual. Some further images of it here – We need to get new development to respond to and add to the character of the city.

Will development ever get going again in the markets area or wider city centre? Who knows. But we need to learn from the past.

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