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Yes, many of these buildings are essential to the character of the environs of the markets and can be economically regenerated, forming an important part of the brand of the district. Indeed, the defiant notion that everything should be cleared, when virtually everything has already been cleared, is typical of the perverse thinking that goes on in this city.

@thebig C wrote:

this whole North West corner of the City is so appalling from every aspect that literally anything could potentially be an improvement.

Well no, actually. That’s how we’ve ended up with so much mediocre, incongruous development in Dublin over the past two decades.

Still, DCC clearly aren’t too far out of step as ABP and An Taisce would rather bury their heads in the sand and protect non-existent fabric and protect vistas (of what exactly) to further rob the general area of investment.

What is this assertion based on? Any representation it makes is based on urban design principles and upholding provisions of the Dublin City Development Plan.

Trevor White was spot on about the lack of ’empathy’ for Dublin in his Irish Times article yesterday. The disturbingly pervasive ‘anything is better than nothing’ mindset in Dublin, amongst both Dubliners and non-Dubliners, is unquestionably more corrosive than any perceived – and typically inaccurate – ‘anti-development’, sentiment. In fact, it’s one of the greatest insults you can hurl at your city.

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