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To Bloody right Ctes….
I remember many years ago being lectured on Motor Trade Law and the over riding premise that it was all based around the “Reasonable Actions of a Reasonable Man”.

From the state of Leeson St at the moment I can only conclude that Dublin City Council and it`s Senior Executive Branch has staged a putsch and locked up any “Reasonable Men” that were to be found wandering abroad in Civic Offices.

In their place the City Manager appears to have installed complete raving bloody lunatics who own shares in Wheelbarrow Manufacturers.

If I were a cyclist who regularly has to use this stretch of DCC`s finest I would be investing in a Camera.
There is little doubt but if after an accident along this stretch,one was able to produce in court high quality pictures of what amounts to crass bloody negligence then perhaps the City Manager and his closest aides might even get to spend a little time in Jail.

Where is David McWilliams when he`s needed……
A country which has apparently a €2.2 BILLION revenue SURPLUS and which pays men to perpetrate dangerous nonsense on decent ordinary citizens.
Hanging and Flogging is not enough !!!

And YES Ctes,You are correct the damn place was FAR safer in its UNmended state……!!!! 😡

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