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Sometimes I wonder if I am not going mad….especially when I read stuff such as the following from Dublins Evening Herald on Sat 20th Jan 07.

A tiny little “In Brief” snippet atop of page 8 revealing the following dry statistics…..

“DCC spent more compensating injured parties than they did repairing pavements between 2001 and 2005”

Figures (Compiled by Fine Gael) show DCC spent €8.7 Million in compensation,but spent €7.3 Million on footpath repairs during the same period.

However the DCC (Non Footpath) TOTALS do reclaim some corporate dignity with a compensating payment of €14.9 Million and a total spend of €19.2 Million

Now I have a very healthy scepticism for the fourth estate and its reportage but these figures are matters of record it seems and when superimposed upon the Photog(Very)graphic evidence simply underline how sloppy and poorly managed DCC`s Infrastructural Departments actually are.

I would personally see it as a resigning issue for any chief executive but my opinions are just that …my own.
They certainly did`nt hamper mssr`s Fitzgerald or Keegan in their ascent of the Irish Administrative ladder and I suspect the present incumbents won`t find it any impediment either….. 🙁

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