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Its becoming clear that,at least in the DCC area of responsibility,there is little or no supervision of the finished work of their coterie of regular contractors.

I wonder if there is a break-down available of which firms recieved payment for what contracts etc.

My intention would be to narrow the list down to certain contractors and then to perhaps make enquiries through the Companies Registration Office as to lists of shareholders or their nominees.
( This might entail having to use the FIA and to ferret out the maiden names of spouses etc).

I remain perplexed as to how any supposedly “Organized” City Management could on the one hand pay out for an excellent job such as that along Home Farm Road whilst also presumably paying out for work of the lowest possible standard……I won`t even bother to list these…..:mad:

The sort of disgrace which is Eglinton Rd and environs is simply unacceptable by ANY standards and should be causing some concern in DCC much vaunted Legal dept…….Unless,that is there is something we DON`T Know…Hmmmmm 😮

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