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Totally agree on the basement storage cages; steel cage block walls not rendered boiler room spec lights and conduits – cheap as chips but functional for storage if seasonal kit.

Spend the last 18 months acquiring a flat; eventually settled on a 47 sq m 2 bed which just about works as 1 double bed and 1 single bed/study. That is really tight but the strategy is prior to disposal to knock the wall between the two bedrooms and invert uses with both bedroooms becoming the living space and current 4.2* 3.8 m living space become a huge bedroom with the galley kitchen converting to an en suite; at 47 sq m it is extremely large for a city centre one bed. I think the point you make on storage is extremely valid but with a sofa bed you can have freinds stay over. Why I rejected most of the c1,000 units I viewed brochures of online was poor configuration or just unrealistic vendor expectations. Corridors………

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