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Graham describes almost exactly my last experience of looking for an apartment in Dublin. It was absolutely depressing; it was the first time I had searched for a place in the city as an anonymous potential tenant (via daft, etc.) and the absolute shittiness of what I viewed appalled me. Whatever about the grim 1984ish experience of viewing an early Zoe, I was even more outraged by the standard of (presumably pre ’63) period subdivisions that were being offered as apartments. Many of the places had a distinctive smell. It honestly was a significant motivation for me to emigrate.

Out of Dublin and Ireland, my current apartment is not large (about 60m2) and is probably over 40 years old (with fittings inspired by 70s porn/chic beige&brown) but it has a large open plan entrance hall/living room (no wasting floorspace on a dark useless corridor), a modest but proper kitchen which can be sealed off by a sliding door and 2 rooms which you can configure as you wish (bedroom, study or dining room). And of course you get: basement storage, hot water and heating provided centrally for the building, sound proof walls, a house handy man living in one of the 10 apartments and a painless recycling system for paper, cardboard, glass, etc. But what I really appreciate is the functional nuclear bunker in the basement. All of this should be considered simple stuff.

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