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This is a last very desperate move by the RPA to get an Airport ‘metro’ line built.

Note how the figure is below €1.9billion to make it more appealing. This figure doesn’t even include the cost of the train, ticket machines and even escalators. That figure is just for the boring of the tunnel.

This is also a move to make people think that the RPA actually do something useful other than wasting taxpayers money and they can continue getting paid easy money. The RPA should be scrapped. They really haven’t got a clue.

Irish Rail should be handling anything to do with rail. IE originally designed the Luas (B4 the RPA got their hands on it and messed up the plans) and the DART and have many years experience with rail. There is nothing the RPA can do that IE can’t.

This would firstly reduce the cost of any project. IE actually have a excellent record of keeping costs of a project either very close to or below budget. IE have their very own in-house engineers, so when it come to designing issues like the route, they design the route to go where it is needed and makes sure that it is integrated with other lines.

All this ‘metro’ line is for is to get from O’Connell St to Dublin airport. And all for wonderful value of €1.9b + the rest + inflation. If we are desperate to like the airport to rail then IE have a plan to create a spur line from the existing DART line in Baldoyle to the airport. The cost, €400million. This line would also serve the 12500 new houses that are expected to appear in this area of north Dublin over the next few years, saving 12500 extra cars from driving down the Drumcondra and the Malahide roads which are jammed up at the moment.

There is simply far too many cars commuting. This seriously effects our quality of life. As for business, they are loosing over a billion Euro and year because of it. The airport ‘metro’ will do very little to improve this.

Please, stop talking about a ‘metro’ line or building new roads and talk about IE simple and cost effective plan uniquely called the GREATER DUBLIN INTERGRATED RAIL PLAN or GDRP. Click Here
The GDRP actually deals in reducing car numbers by giving people a real alternative to commuting.

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