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Devin wrote:
Diaspora, could think before you post and not just bang down the first thing that comes into your head? Where does it say that the &#8216]

Well you could read the thread title then ‘Dublin Airport to have unconnected terminus’

Adam Smith was a perceptive individual when he came up the concept of the ‘scarcity of resources’ and to return to the point the RPA’s proposal to spend 1.9bn on a rail line from O’Connell St to Dublin Airport at a time when we don’t even know where the second terminal is going to be is a ridiculous use of what are extremely finite resources.

The priority at this time is to allow Irish Railways to grow particularly in the highly congested Eastern Region. only a full implementation of the IE Dublin Rail plan can facititate a 200% increase in operational capacity. Given that 700,000 housing units will be built over the next decade in response to changing household formation it is time for the Department of Transport to do what needs to be done.

The RPA have really damaged their credibility with this latest proposal as an unconnected line might serve 100,000 units; which will do no more than free up road space for those further out that are denied access to a proper rail service and forced into car use to a degree that is un-necessary. As for constructing a Luas line down Thomas St and into the City Centre this will do little except for those that are already close enough to walk or cycle.

Ken Livingstons comments on the Circle Line are very interesting ‘it is the nine-lane motorway under the city that links it all together’. Another Luas line should be considered when much more important elements of the system have been put in place, I am amazed that you are so supportive of Luas given the Benton properties building’s impact on your northern views and that Dick Gleeson justified its erection on the basis of Luas, which in my opinion has about the same transport capacity as a QBC.

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