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@Graham Hickey wrote:

It may be a naive question – but if the P11 plan is feasible and so cost-effective and fundamentally logical – as it appears to be by all accounts – then why isn’t it being readily adopted? (this being asked by someone who would benefit directly from the planned diversion of much of the existing traffic from Connolly)

Interesting points re the RPA there…

It’s simple, Irish Politics.

This plan is Irish Rails plan and has appeared in front of the Minister for Transport desk in 1992, 1998 and 2004.

It was considered in 1992 but was dropped for a cheaper light rail project, which we all now know as the Luas (which at the time had a plan for a LUAS line from Dundrum to Ballymun).
It reappeared in 1998 but very quickly disappeared probably due to the Luas again.
It reappeared again last year but the then Minister Seamus Brennan was bent of getting a airport ‘metro’ built even though others including Bertie was against it. Luckily for us Brennan is gone and so to is the ridiculous airport ‘metro’ scheme.

So really it is only now that the government recognised the value of the greater Dublin Rail Plan. And we all know how super fast this government is in getting things done. 😀

But I’m hopeful that the government will announce the go ahead of the Interconnector and the DART extensions either this year or next.

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