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Given that the members have apparently voted in favour of moving, is the development a fait accompli or, God forbid, is there any chance it won’t be zoned? It seems amazing they are so confident of changing the zoning in the first place……

I should express an “interest” in this regard as I live on Maryborough Hill but really and truly that road can’t take however many thousand of houses are planned. Equally, whatever happened to the concept of a green belt?

The deal gives Castlelands three years to secure rezoning of both Douglas GC and the proposed new course. If they haven’t at the end of that period, they can pay Douglas GC 5 million and walk away from the deal. Alternatively, they can hand over 2 million and get another 2 years to try to secure rezoning.

The site has access on to the (old) Carrigaline Road too, so that would take some of the traffic.

As for the Green belt concept… To my mind, the whole idea of satellite towns is even worse. It just detaches the sprawl from the city a bit and creates longer journeys. However, I would like to see green/recreational spaces retained in the suburban areas and I’m not 100% comfortable with the situation with Douglas GC or Cork Con. It’s also notable that the post 1970 suburban areas have less recreational space than the older ones, so losing them in these areas is especially undesirable.

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