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@browser wrote:

It seems amazing they are so confident of changing the zoning in the first place……

I should express an “interest” in this regard as I live on Maryborough Hill but really and truly that road can’t take however many thousand of houses are planned. Equally, whatever happened to the concept of a green belt?

I agree browser, I’m in carrigaline and a local politician advised me of a proposal for 800 houses which would materially contravene the local development plan. There was no opinion from him of course on the fact that they seem happy to materially contravene it whenever they want to which begs the question on where the greenbelts put into the plan are going.

THe N28 that connects Carrigaline is the road that will pass the new Carrigaline (formerly Douglas) Golf Club. That road is going to be widened with flyovers at Shannon Park and the Bloofield Interchange. From what I hear, Castlelands will tie in that road development, co incidentally of course, to their golf club redevelopment and have an exit off it into the Golf Club.

I’d be stunned if Castlelands cant get zoning, they may get done in terms of density of houses that they can get put in , but there is a market for large luxury houses up there with yourself on Maryborough Hill – then again, with the price they are paying, you’d imagine they would try and pack in the houses

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