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Is the Sheridan house going to be demolished tomorrow? Wasn’t the 8th the day of the chopping block or has some angel of infinite mercy and reason swooped down overnight and convinced the DCC to halt this?

I’d say it’d be worth going in overnight and doing a salvage job the way they saved the door of 7 Eccles Street (from Ulysses fame) back before it was wrecked to make way for the hospital, only what’s left to salvage– a hunk of corrugated metal? They couldn’t even bother to keep the plaque.

Regarding the proposed development for 12-13 Dorset Street, it’s nice to see the DCC’s henchmen, Insult and Injury getting on so well. Apparently they decided to come out of hiding from their HQ in the Henrietta Hag and this was their sick idea for a follow-upper. Hate to see what’s next on the hit list. Probably another Protected Structure.

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