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@GregF wrote:

It is really a nightmare the way this whole area has turned out. The waxworks is now gone with the replacement appartment block soon to be revealed….Joyce’s house of ‘The Dead’ on the quays was rightfully restored and so should this, else we will have fuck all left of cultural and historical note in certain parts of the city.

Spot on.

Here’s the proposed development – wholly inappropriate imo given the proximity of the “protected” structure opposite, and also dwarfing the “protected” ecclesiastical structures adjacent – which are part of a conservation area. Bulk and scale is remarkable – a full three floors above the parapet level of the adjacent LA terrace, ie twice as high][/IMG]

And again – this time the frontal elevation with the dotted line indicating the existing structures, with the area centre-right (no 12) still listed as a “protected” structure:

So the application has no interior photos of no. 12 in the “conservation” report, would demolish one listed structure, significantly and detrimentally impact 2 others, and its only in the last few months that the current owner has barricaded the front door with corrugated metal. Yet applied for during Christmas week, DCC had permission granted by Valentines Day – thats efficiency for you :rolleyes:

So DCC remind me again just WTF “Protected Structure” actually means 😡

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