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@manifesta wrote:

A look at the corrugated, er, improvements on the Sheridan building. Who is responsible?

Back to the news coverage:

I’m disturbed by the suggestion in the article that it’s okay to demolish a building because, after all, a conservation report dubbed it an ‘eyesore’. I’m sure the conservation report had more to say on the subject, and perhaps it even bothered to list some of the architectural merits of the building… not the least of which is that this is on the Record of Protected Structures. But alas, such limited space in the Irish Times!

You have to wonder if such ‘improvements’ as the corrugated steel were made to make this building even more of an eyesore. Because apparently, it’s an appropriate conservation practice to just tear something down the worse it looks.

Gas how ‘Developers’ are just generally culturally ignorant bastards. This building stood here without even a placque to signify Sheridan’s association. The Council has to be blamed too. Another part of the old city and history lost.

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