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A closer shot of the medallion/frieze detail:

The brickwork looks like it was all replaced in the 70s along with those dodgy windows – yet the brickwork has an oddly old quality to it too… Clearly something was done given only part of the frieze has been cleaned. It’s probably just the contrast of this uncleaned old brick with the cleaned house next door.

And just as a minor aside, the lamppost across the road at the entrance to Hardwicke Street has the original green paint exposing itself 🙂

Yes fantastic news about No. 1 Synnott Place, or perhaps more commmonly known as the red ‘Golf Corner’. Saw it there a few weeks ago and the newly exposed stock brick looks great; it changes the entire tone of this part of Dorset Street and junction here. The brickwork’s a bit patchy, but hey it adds to the charm. I hope to get pics soon.

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