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Also, how is it that permission can be granted by a LA for the demolition of a Protected Structure without it being formally delisted? Whatever about alterations to a PS being included in a general application, surely the wholescale demolition of such a structure ought to be subject to a separate delisting application, and not merely a throwaway element of a broader development proposal?

Some of the conditions to the demolition include:

12. A copy of the survey drawings of the existing building and Conservation Report shall be submitted to the Irish Architectural Archive, prior to the commencement of development. Reason: In the interest of historical recording and research. [what about photographs?]

7. A plaque, of appropriate size and design, shall be erected on the front elevation of the proposed structure at ground floor level, reflecting the historical significance of the site as the birthplace of Richard Sheridan, dramatist. The applicants shall consult with the Conservation Officer in this regard, prior to the commencement of any works on site. Reason: In the interests of historical recording.

Presumably this is going to be appealed.

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