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Hey djasmith,

I know the family quandry – you’re battling against the tide there! A sea of blank faces confronts you. Nonetheless, it sounds to me that the best option would be to have two doors made up new by a joiner. Not only would these be tailor-made, the glazed panel solution – which is definitely the best one – would also be much neater and better detailed in a non-adapted door. Furthermore, a salvaged door would still have to be adapted to fit by a joiner, so either way you’d still be paying roughly the same in the end. I’d imagine that a new door of this kind, which is of extremely simple composition, would be cheaper than a 1920s door bought at a salvage yard, which tend to be quite expensive in Ireland. It’d also look lovely and clean and sharp and make for a fitting, sympathetic addition to the house. And heck, it might even appeal to the new-is-best orthodoxy of most 50-something sibling brigades.

Best of luck! 🙂

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