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typical kerry county council speak
It makes me want to cry
surely these ‘serial objectors’ have a democratic right to object
to the plague of one-off housing (and large scale housing
developments if they so wish)which is gradually destroying
The councillors are going to keep on pushing through planning
applications for spanish style haciendas and grecian villas ,as well
as suburban style housing estates around small towns, you name it
and by raising the cost of lodging an objection actually attempting to barr
people from objecting! its a joke.
Im from kerry myself and its quite incredible to see whats going on
down there. Most people even the ‘serial objectors’ I would say are at
this stage pretty apathetic, it seems that the councillors dont even
recognice the need to control development particularly in scenic and
rural areas.
Killarney town and its environs are particularly shocking.
If the right to object to this state of affairs is made more expensive
or a sort of ‘hit list’ of ‘serial objectors’ is introduced (presumably deeming
these peoples objections to be merely part of some personal agenda
and not worthy of recognition), then where will it end. They may as
well do away with the planning system and any kind of open and public
system for its regualtion, have personal applications to councillors for
one’s own one off house. That would cut out all the hassle …

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