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Talking on the issue of no respect did anyone see the news on the 60 seals hacked to death by Kerry Fishermen this week, it appears they have no respect for anything down there, be it creatures, landscapes or historical buildings.


As thread starter I would ask you to be more restrained in your comments towards Kerry people on this thread, I agree that the incident off Great Blasket is a digrace that hasn’t seen equal since a similar incident occured in the 1980’s a few counties north of here on that I think everyone will agree. But to equate bad planning oversight by the county manager & corrupt interventions by some local politicians with the senseless murder of defenceless animals is way OTT.

The planning system needs to function in Kerry with the professional planners being allowed to perform their duties to the best of their abilities unimpeded by parochial minded clientist politicians. But I wouldn’t lump the two issues together, they are guilty of enough as it is.

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