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@PVC King wrote:

That says it all

I suppose we are getting a little off topic and political here. However, I expect nothing from Councillors and am never disappointed.

What does annoy me is the shock horror antics of same (and their masters) when the inevitable chicken (with salmonella) comes home to roost. For example the recent contamination of drinking water and seawater exposed by the EPA.

Who is to blame? THEM up above in DUBLIN – i.e. the administration and (as always) the Planners.

This despite the repeated advice from Planners that perticular Section 140 motions, or frequently insane rezonings, will lead precisely to this dilemma. All they care about is local favour. Nothing else.

I have said it before – the situation is out of control and beyond remedy and many decent and competent local authority planners have given up the struggle in the face of continued political sabotage.

I would consider voting Green except I am old enough to remember the bad economic times and (selfishly) want to keep my head above the water financially for another while (cue to joke about Global Warming).

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