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i agree bth. it doesn’t look particularily great at the moment but i am an optimist and hopefully it’ll turn out alright. but the disruption and time to do this job is what pains most people here. they have started doing the paving down beside the aib and for some reason have taken a big sweep out of the road. similiar to what they did or are doing outside the boi. it might look nice but pratical, i think not.
there is a lot thankfully in galway to talk about, and more than happy to derrick!
wellpark being the most high profile at the moment. however being a county boy there were plans for athenry for a massive ida estate.. or the by-pass…now, while in favour of it and i don’t want to upset the two an taisce boys, i won’t say much on the subject, and until the consultatioin is over there is no real point either. loughrea by-pass however has started and hopefully it’ll be really quick.
oranmore, is growing up very quickly and i think will join to doughuisce/ merlin park very soon. this is urban sprawl at it’s most ugliest. a damn shame but seeing as we aren’t allowed to build high then there is no other option. and ballinasloe has got a few nice buildings in the last few years and hopefully will contuinue to progress. and finally at last the car park in tuam by the cop station is being developed. i haven’t seen the scheme for it yet but hopefully it will start something in the town as it’s badly needed.

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