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I was a passionate advocate of the Eyre Square renewal project this time last year but at the moment I’m not so sure that it’s going to be anything like as successful as it should be. Currently the middle of the square is a bombsite and all of the pavements are being torn up and replaced. A fair amount of this work has already been completed and the results, it pains me to say, are pathetic. A silver grey natural aggregate flagstone has been used throughout – a product which can look well in certain scenarios , particularly in low traffic areas and when the textured finish is used. However the smooth version has been used on this occasion and it really is cheap and nasty looking. It also shows up dirt, chewing gum, cigarette butts etc to a great extent and more worryingly the actual workmanship is shocking. Manhole and various utility covers are scattered haphazardly around with as much as 20cm of badly laid concrete (or asphalt in some cases) surrounding them. The flagstones are uneven in places (all the more visible because of the smooth shiny surface) and there is a generally shoddy look to the finish. I am amazed that this is being allowed to happen! A great opportunity is being missed to do something great and what we end up with is completely half assed. Why is it that Cork’s Patrick Street has been surfaced entirely in high quality natural stone, with manholes and utility covers beautifully incorporated whilst Galway has to put up with cheap mock-stone flagstones and non existant detailing?
I’ll try to get a few pics here next week to prove my point. I realize that there is a long way to go before the square remotely resembles a finished product. However the initial signs arent too promising.

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