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I think that’s just life; you don’t say what your development is – even though surrounding owners may not object (inertia?), anyone with a legitimate PLANNING objection can do so. Most objections on traffic grounds, ‘gangs’ etc. are spurious, but the planning authority needs to note them anyway, and a councillor will, in any system, always have to be heard.
It may seem like a low blow to you, but developers are not above bribery, intimidation, even physical violence towards anyone exercising their democratic right to object. An anonymous objector may seem like hard cheese, but that’s partly because of the ‘public’ nature of the system. My advice to you is to keep in close touch with the relevant planner and, if the objections are in any way valid, deal with them.
One of the main problems with the planning system, both here and where you are, is that it’s become ossified and really too hidebound by legalities and out-of-date procedures; third-party appeals and objections are frustrating. In this technological age, there is nothing to beat face-to-face discussion, assuming that you can tear everyone away from their computers for long enough. Perhaps some Irish planners would care to give us a critique of your system.

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